October 19th morning…
“We have to go vote today!”
Oh, I will tomorrow!
“You can only vote on one day Sierra”

Light bulb moment: Voting is one day, not a weeklong process.idea-light-bulb-clip-art-black-and-white-MTLEnkBTa

One hour into October 19th morning (apparently voting day)…
“Who are you voting for?”
Well I don’t know, I don’t even know who is standing for what..

Clearly I am not a political person, nor someone who even understands the basics of voting. So within 5 hours of learning anything about any of these parties I came to this conclusion…

1. Conservative- Stephen Harper is the Grinch of politics, minus the fact of bringing peace to all of Christmas for all the whos.Grinch
2. Green – Legalize the green? Go Green? Doesn’t exactly strike a bell for me.
3. NDP- You got caught on videos kicking down other parties political signs and putting in your own. Who are you?
4. Liberal – Who better to look out for our youthful Canadians than a youthful man himself who is fresh full of ideas? Justin himself stopped at numerous locations all over Canada just to visit with the cities. One of these locations being Thunder Bay, a very small-unknown town (aka my hometown).

I voted for Justin Trudeau mainly for the reason of the simplicity of his heart. These politicians should want to represent our country simply for the reason that they care about the well being of all our Canadians and the love for our country. And I think many of them they forget this simple matter.

Stephen Harper lost touch with the people he was “supposedly” representing.

Justin is starting from step one, getting recognized, gaining trust and insight from his people.

I think he really respects the role he received. He’s making his role a shared one with his fellow Canadians, rather than a sign of empowerment “over us”.


Below I have a short video of everything you need to know about Canadian Elections 🙂



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