If your reading this and you’re forty or fifty still living in your mom’s basement don’t take offense…. that is alright.


But to my home stuck kids who are on the fence about leaving home. Here are 5 valid reasons (from experience) why leaving home at 20 or in your 20s is one of the best decisions you will make as an adult.

  1. It isn’t permanent. If your biggest concern is you’re going to hate it and want to come home. Breathe… Mom and dad aren’t going anywhere. And I’m sure they’ll bring you home in a heart beat.
  2. Timing. Your twenties are supposed to be some of the most incredible days of your life. Believe me they are. At twenty you are given the ability to double task with responsibility and shenanigans, in sync.
  3. New Starts. How cool is it to have a whole new life somewhere else? Have a whole new network of people under your wing that nobody else knows. Its really quite amazing to build a new lifestyle basically from scratch. (Ok not from scratch, Betty Crocker just insists you add water… or beer)
  4. New Skills. Believe me when I say cooking is time consuming. You will learn the magic in cooking a delicious chicken in under 30 minutes. Recipe below… You will also learn skills under pressure. Like cutting wires on a fire alarm at 3 in the morning because the system is rigged. CLICK ME FOR YUMMY CHICKEN
  5. Independence. There is no better feeling in the world than doing something on your own. Figuring out things on your own and building your own common knowledge is one of the most rewarding and valuable benefits ever. It will lead you to becoming a grown up (in a small, small increments I promise).

So, do some research, pick a place, pack your bags and go. How will you know if your ever meant to be somewhere else, or even enjoy somewhere else if you just haven’t gone.



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