Do you believe there is such thing as a Smart Pill?

What if I told you there is numerous websites about it online?

And there is so called “doctor” recommendations…

So two days ago an ad came up on the side of my Facebook and it looked like this.

sdd (2)

Looks legit doesn’t it? Nice layout, a picture of the brain, “Scientists are calling this Viagra for the Brain”, Claim your free bottle today… What?

Did I miss something?

  1. Since when is there a pill to enhance focus and memory
  2. Since when can you buy such intense pills like this online

My first reaction when seeing this ad was “Wow I want this!”

So I looked it up online to see if it was legit and there were at least 3 pages of my google filled with sites that all had this pill on it, and had the exact same sort of layout, with the same words, and each site had the pills name in it’s website…. Wait a minute. Let’s use our brains!

  1. If this was a real medication, it would have one legitimate website, not 22 with strange names like
  2. There was not one legitimate medical website that had a review on this product

Some people would believe this product is probably legitimate because of all the websites it has. But what I’ve recently learned, and I learned it from WordPress was… It only cost $24 to make a real website. Note: Your product doesn’t have to be real to have a real website. And tell me this… Is this what a medical website would look like when you are ordering prescription?


Oh wait, your doctors order your pills for you! And you pick them up at a drug mart not at a .org.

For example, look at the setup for Sensodyne toothpaste. It is setup to comfort you and answer all of your questions. It even refers back to your own health and seeing your Dentist. Also, at the bottom of the page it has a legal disclaimer, which beholds all of Sensodyne’s legal matters on behalf of their product (because it’s legit).


The internet is a boobie trap, anything and everything can be posted and put up there. As much as we want to believe everything is real, it’s not and there are no internet police to take it down. So before you jump the gun and “Save $79.99 and get a year’s worth of brain inducing supplements”, do some real research and even ask a real liable source, like a doctor!

Use the brain you have, and be smart enough to not buy a smart pill.




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