To believe or not to believe… Social media has taken over our brains and has left us with likes, followers, views and so called “praise”.

Then Vs Now

When we were kids, it meant being outside, it meant using our imagination to create fun, it meant sneaking the house phone to call our friends at 11pm. Now, it is quite a scary thought to even think of bringing a child into this world. With so much to be exposed to, and I’m not talking about danger and drugs. I’m talking about social media. Which frankly should be considered a drug. Children now know how to swipe into an IPhone at the age of two. (Take North West who supposedly is posting on her mothers, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram at the age of 2). I know some people may call this brilliant, but I call it replacement. At the age of two I was learning to climb up a staircase and scribbling what I thought were masterpieces on anything and everything. Social media has reformed childhoods.


Right vs Wrong

When I first got Instagram, it was to “instantly” post a photo of something that I was doing. Now I find myself, and everyone else for that matter using it an “effect” of themselves. With the fake poses, the filters, the none related captions. It is used as a social ladder instead rather than simply being enjoyed. We live in the age of personal branding, and we forget to stick to our authentic selves through our social media. If everything we post is to be validated, we have lost all our original intentions of the real use of social media.

Social Media vs Real Life

What is more fulfilling, talking to 100 people online or 1 person in face to face interaction? I would hope the answer is real life. The real people you know, and care about are what define you. So many young adolescents and even grown people are looking to social media for acceptance and for what they think is interaction. The numbers that follow them on social media are just numbers, they are not feelings, jokes, memories or even real people for that matter, they are accounts. I think everyone seems to forget this.

This is Essena O’Neil… she inspired this blog post. I hope she finds what she is looking for.

Everything in life should be experienced now, shared later.


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