The Spot:

The commercial starts with a good looking 30-year-old man. This man gets out of his car with his guitar in the desert. He is walking through the desert and comes up to a deserted vacant gas station. While looking around, he comes to an unexpected but bold Nestea vending machine. He right away pushes the blue button on the vending machine, and has himself a Nestea beverage. He drinks the Nestea and with a smile, he relaxes, and falls into a refreshing pool. He sinks to the bottom of the pool, and then falls into a crowd of people, followed by him crowd surfing. The commercial finishes with the good looking man crowd surfing with the Nestea logo pinned to the screen, with the words “Take the plunge” featured.

The Challenge

Nestea has a challenge appealing to a broader audience. Nestea focus’ on the 18-24 crowd, and really geared their commercial towards them rather than their other markets. Nestea resolves this challenge by devising other commercials in this series, with the similar setup, but with different relatable age categories with fantasized conclusions.

The Idea

Nestea uses the Lifestyle positioning strategy. It shows after drinking their Nestea it will give the consumer a specific lifestyle. Nestea commercial’s promise an escape to wherever you wish you rather be.

Execution of the Idea

The good looking fellow comes into the desert with a guitar. Then after drinking the Nestea beverage he falls into a refreshing pool, then sinking into his happy place, a concert. He was stuck in the desert somewhere he obviously didn’t want to be. Nestea let him escape into his ideal reality.

What works? Why?

This ad is very simple and visual. It does not need a lot of intelligence to be followed. Which really makes the commercial easily understood by everyone who is watching. By Nestea making its commercials very simplistic, it has the audience engaged in the dreamt reality they are creating. It their audience wrapped around the idea that Nestea creates these visuals that they are seeing. Causing the target audience to have a predisposition about what Nestea will bring them.

What Doesn’t Work? Why?

I don’t feel there is anything wrong with the commercial besides its cheesiness. But I feel as if that works for Nestea. After all, Nestle is advertising an iced tea beverage, how complex should a commercial like this be.

The Grade:


give this ad an A because throughout the whole commercial it was clearly stated what the commercial was advertising. From the second we saw the Nestea vending machine, it was presented clearly, and frequently during the short commercial.  I enjoyed how relatable this ad was, even though I, myself, do not wish to be crowd surfing, I understand the message behind it. Which led this commercial to be very simple,  relatable, and good use of cute characters…


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